CY.SEND mobile top up presentation Presentation:
International Mobile Phone Top Up for Consumers & Merchants

Affiliate marketing

I usemy networkto generateprofits CY.SENDoffersits products I earnmy salescommission B2B AffiliateAPI I sendvisitorsto CY.SEND My clientbuys onwww.cysend.com Payout


Place our widget on your website to redirect your visitors to www.cysend.com and earn your sales commission. It is as simple as that.

B2B Affiliate API

Our B2B Affiliate API allows you to initiate a sale of CY.SEND products on your website or mobile app. Your customer will see the full list of our products on your site or mobile app and their values. He then can start the purchase process from your website or mobile app. He will then be redirected to www.cysend.com where he will pay and complete the sale and you earn your commission.

Referral links

Copy your affiliate CY.SEND link found in your www.cysend.com account and share it with your social network and send it by email to earn commissions on each sale done through this affiliate link.

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