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Cysend.com online mobile recharge solution was born from CY.TALK experience in the various internet and telecom fields. Cysend.com service is designed, developed, maintained and operated by us. Cysend.com is a registered trademark and is a CY.TALK product. Cysend.com offers services to consumers and merchants in 147 countries, covering 559 operators, reaching 6 billion consumers.


CY.TALK SWITZERLAND S.A. (www.cytalk.com) is an innovative cloud telecommunication services provider, offering low cost premium quality internet telephony with an unparalleled set of supplementary services; amongst others; Conference Call, IVR, Virtual Attendant, telephony equipment remote administration, voicemail to email, sms, worldwide phone numbers provision with an intuitive and easy management interface. It is designed to be run and managed by personnel with non-technical background giving the management control over its telephony infrastructure and costs.
Our services are offered online and are based on the most advanced and sophisticated technology. CY.TALK services are intended for corporate entities of all sizes.
The Company was founded in 2004 and is having its headquarters in Geneva, with offices in Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and technical points in various countries around the world.

Place du Rondeau, 7
1227 Carouge - GE - Switzerland
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