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Venezuela: May 27th update

As of today, May 27th 2021, the current status of the CY.SEND services in Venezuela:

Venezuela Top up mobile phone, landline, mobile Internet and TV of your beloved ones in Venezuela from cysend.com.

Prepaid Movilnet Venezuela mobile top up:
- The minimum top up is 1'000'000 Bs.S.
- The maximum top up is 1'000'000 Bs.S. with a step of 1'000'000 Bs.S.
- The maximum daily top up limit is 1'000'000 Bs.S. to a number (for 24 hours).
- Is there a minimum delay between top ups to the same Movilnet number: none.

The rates are updated daily.
Instant top up delivery with the operator reference code.


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