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New product added: Virtual Visa eCard!


From cysend.com buy Virtual Visa eCard for online shopping or as a last-minute gift for your beloved ones all over the word.

Virtual Visa eCard is a virtual credit card for making anonymous payments online. The cards are accepted worldwide.

Virtual Visa cards are more secure than using regular debit and credit cards, leading many businesses to use them as a part of their payment processes.

Virtual bank cards are not made from plastic. They are simply numbers that are generated to make secure purchases. Since they are not plastic, they can only be used to make purchases online or over the phone.

Virtual Visa eCard top up values:
10 USD
15 USD
20 USD
25 USD
30 USD
50 USD
100 USD

How to redeem Virtual Visa eCard:
- Go to https://www.prepaiddigitalsolutions.com
- Enter token, received by SMS, email or printed on the receipt
- Register or sign in if you have registered before

Why should I buy Virtual Visa eCards on cysend.com?
- Instant code delivery by email
- Safe purchase guaranteed
- We accept more than 300 local payment methods from all over the world in 130 currencies

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