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CY.SEND OPEN API V5.1.2 released!

New functions & options of OpenAPI V5.1.2:

- Added product types (instant and prepaid_code) to the Product schema
- Added new definitions to chapter 4: Product types
- Added multi languages PIN usage instructions to the PIN schema

What is the difference between V4 and V5 OpenAPI?

The new V5 is an evolution coming from the lessons we learned and the customer feedback we received since 2009 in this worldwide business.

For the managers:

All our product types in one single account, clear presentation, clear pricing, divided by country, product category and values. It is easy to analyse and work with the price lists. Product availability and price are updated seamlessly ensuring you always have the latest data.

For the development team:

It is a Restful API based on the OpenAPI standards, making it faster to integrate.
Currently you have to send numerous queries to numerous APIs to build a full catalogue.
With the V5 one query will return: country, categories, product, face values, prices, maintenances and promotions. More than 10’000 products in a few seconds, how cool is that?

The CY.SEND OpenAPI is all in one!

Our full catalogue includes all products of all categories: gift cards, utilities payments, subscriptions, mobile top up, data top up, invoice payment, shopping cards, travel, transport, health, ISP, cable TV, music, games, the list goes on…

If you have not started yet, contact your account manager to learn how to prepare your migration or start the integration.