CY.SEND mobile top up presentation Presentation:
International Mobile Phone Top Up for Consumers & Merchants

The First Global B2C Reward & Incentive API

B2C Reward API Instant Top Up Customers Reward companies Instant Gratification

What does our API reach?

Countries & territoriesImageAlt0150ProductsImageAlt0150
SIM cards6 Billion*
Consumers owning a smartphone6 Billion*
Ratio of prepaid phones worldwide76%*
Mobile Penetration Rate worldwide50%*

Our rewards are sent (and delivered) in real time and on demand (pay as you go).
Your CY.SEND wallet can be in more than 124 currencies.

About the B2C Rewards & Incentive API

Coverage: from a single API connection to CY.SEND you reach instantly mobile and fixed phones, gift cards and payment cards around the globe.

Efficiency: product availability, product values, countries, mobile operators are updated on the fly, no excel files exchange, no manual work, all is done dynamically through the API.

Reports: real time analytics about top ups, to see where the rewards and incentives are being used.

Reward values: we start at cents up to few hundred US dollars or equivalent. Many countries support range for granularity of reward. We deal in local currencies, you know what you buy upfront and transparently.

Compatibility: easily integrated in any app or site.

Uses: build your own reward & incentive program, ideal for social incentives, payouts in affiliate networks, rewards at survey sites, useful to encourage participation. Engage consumers by rewarding them for completed micro tasks.

More info: list of countries covered, list of digital products, list of top up values.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Alternatively you can use our hosted rewards platform, it doesn’t require any technical integration - Rewards as SaaS.