What is CY.SEND Reward Card?

CY.SEND Reward Card is a prepaid card to buy credit for phones, pay bills and buy gift cards in 251 countries & territories. CY.SEND Reward Cards come in different face values depending on the currency.

Why there is zero balance on my CY.SEND Gift Card?

There can be only one reason why you have zero balance on your CY.SEND Gift Card: you already added it to your CY.SEND balance. Such transactions are shown in your Riwayat pesanan as “Gift Card claim”.

Di mana saya membeli Kartu Hadiah CY.SEND?

CY.SEND Reward Cards can be purchased in authorized locations all over the world.Kontak kami for more information.

Kartu hadiah CY.SEND saya terbatas pada satu negara atau produk tertentu.

Ya, Anda memiliki akun hadiah CY.SEND. Kartu hadiah dapat digunakan untuk jenis produk tertentu dan terbatas pada negara tertentu. Mereka hanya dapat digunakan untuk membeli kartu hadiah, isi ulang seluler, isi ulang data seluler yang tercantum di akun. Jika saldo akun CY.SEND REWARDS tidak mencukupi, Anda dapat menambahkan lebih banyak dana menggunakan salah satu metode pembayaran yang kami dukung.

Saldo kartu hadiah CY.SEND saya tidak cukup untuk membeli isi ulang.

Cukup bayar selisihnya menggunakan metode pembayaran apa pun yang kami dukung.

Saya memiliki akun hadiah CY.SEND tetapi dikunci untuk suatu negara. Bagaimana cara membeli produk digital dari negara lain?

Sederhana: buat akun baru dan akun hadiah khusus untuk jenis promosi tertentu.

What is a prepaid code?

Prepaid code is a PIN code you will receive on your email with the usage instructions.

I received a prepaid code, how do I use it?

Untuk menggunakan kode promosi Anda, read the usage instructions or contact the mobile operator or PIN code issuer directly to get more information.

Where is my digital prepaid (PIN) code?

After the purchase the digital code will be sent to the email you entered during the checkout. The prepaid codes will usually be sent within minutes, however in some cases, transactions are subject to verification checks, so there may be a delay in sending you an email.
You can also find your prepaid code in your Orders History.

My digital prepaid code does not work.

If you are having problems redeeming your code, please follow these steps.
- Check that you have entered the code correctly.
- Check that the code provider is not having any system issues.
- Make sure that you are trying to redeem the code in the correct location.
Please be aware that most codes cannot be redeemed until the release date.

Can I return the PIN code I bought?

No, PIN codes purchases are non-refundable. Read our Terms & Policies untuk informasi lebih lanjut.