The survey market has changed, potential participants search for a reward they want to earn, once they find it, they will participate.

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Our solution is to offer a very large international catalog so you can target the broadest audience.

Rewards start as low as 1 cent up to a few thousand Euros, allowing you to find the most cost efficient incentivization values

It gives you the flexibility and granularity to rapidly adjust to your goals. You can target any nationality, demographics, income and interest.

instant real-time incentive processing
  • 32'564 products
  • 60+ categories
  • 253 countries & territories in
  • 150 currencies

Instant real-time incentive processing

Our rewards are delivered in an automated way and instantly

High quality reward yields higher response rate and better data quality.

rewards are delivered in an automated way


  • Email
  • SMS
  • Over the phone
  • OpenAPI
  • In bulk file
  • QR code
  • Bar code
  • PDF
  • Web links


  • Fixed values
  • Ranges
  • Ecodes
  • Mobile top up
  • Data top up
  • Gift card top up
  • Wallet top up
  • Online and offline

Large rewards catalog means many people will participate; high quality rewards mean better data quality.

The more accurate the data you have, the more value it has.

We take care of rewarding the many while you focus on building better surveys.

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