Deals & Offers

Which mobile operators offer bonuses?

We are interconnected to 249 countries & territories and support mobile operators in Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America and Africa. Many operators regularly hold promotions, check here to see the current mobile operator offers.

How can I get alerts about mobile operators’ deals?

We recommend you to subscribe to CY.SEND deals and offers from Your Profile or follow us on Facebook,

Do you have special mobile operators offers for your customers?

Mobile operators regularly run special offers not only for mobile top ups, but also for mobile operators bundles, Internet, SIM card activation, SIM card and Smartphone bundles, and many more. Subscribe to CY.SEND deals and offers from Your Profile.

I did not receive a promotional bonus.

All top up promotions and bonuses are managed only by the local mobile operator. only advertises information received from the local mobile operator.
Please, contact your mobile operator directly in case of questions.

Are there chances to get double top up if I missed Cubacel promotion?

Unfortunately, no as the bonuses are credited by the mobile operator. We recommend you to subscribe to CY.SEND deals and offers from Your profile or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Telegram.

Can a Cubacel prepaid SIM card benefit form promotions when it is out of Cuba (roaming), phone is off or out of coverage?


Do Cubacel promotions extend the life of the prepaid SIM card the way a normal top up does?