CY.SEND Verifications | How to verify my ID

1. Official identification document photo requirements

  1. Hold your document in hand and near your face.
  2. Place the piece of paper with the code you wrote like shown on the image bellow.
  3. Take a photo and make sure the text is readable.
photo of official identification document
  • The data on your document must be written in Latin charaters
    Accepted format: .JPG
  • Maximum file size: 8Mb
  • Cut, edited or manipulated photos will be automatically rejected.

2. Photo examples that will fail verification:

  • You must hold the document

  • A part of the document is not visible

  • The code is missing

  • A part of the code is not visible

  • Cut head

  • Cut photo ID

  • Bad photo quality

  • Unsupported format and/or size