How to take a screenshot

Sometimes to identify the cause of an issue, Customer care may ask you to send a screenshot of the error message or mistake.
Before making screenshot, take action that led to the error: reproduce the issue so that the error message appears on the screen or open a requested window.

You are using Windows PC
Option 1:

1. Click the Print Screen button located on your keyboard.
Sometimes name of the button may be: "Prt Sc" or "Prt Scr Sys Rq".

In case there is no Print Screen button on your keyboard, use the on-screen keyboard. How to use an On-Screen keyboard.
2. Run the Paint graphic editor. How to use Paint
3. In the Paint window, press the combination Ctrl + V on the keyboard or select Edit -> Paste.
4. At top bar, in the File menu, select Save as.
5. Enter file name and save it in the JPG format.
6. Make sure to save the screenshot at the location on your computer where you easily find it.
Option 2:

Use the built-in Snipping Tool: how to use the Snipping Tool
You are using Mac computer
Press the combination cmd(⌘) + shift + 3 on the keyboard.
The image will be automatically saved to Desktop.
The file will be created in the .png format and saved under the unique name:
Screen shot [date] at [time].png.

You are using an Android device
Simultaneously press the volume down button and the Lock button.
The images you have taken will be available in Gallery.

If this method did not work, please see the documentation for your device or contact the technical support of your device
You are using an iOS device
The images you take will be available in Photos.

For devices with the top button
Simultaneously press the Home and the top button.

For devices with the side button
Simultaneously press the Home and the side button.

For Face ID devices

Simultaneously press the side button and the volume up button.

To attach screenshots in chat

To upload images from your device or your computer:

click on the icon "Clip" in the chat window

To make a screenshot of the current page you are located on:

click on the icon "Camera" in the chat window