How can I redeem CY.SEND Reward Card?

How to use CY.SEND Reward Card from website.
Follow the steps below:
- login to your account OR create an account on
- press "Redeem my CY.SEND Reward Card"
- select CY.SEND Reward Card
- enter your 16-digit CY.SEND Reward Card number
- press "Apply to your balance"
The entire CY.SEND Reward Card amount will be added to your balance. You can then use your CY.SEND balance during the checkout.
How to top up mobile phones using your CY.SEND Balance.
Follow the steps below:
- Login to your account on Your CY.SEND balance is displayed in the top right corner of the page.
- Make sure that your phone number is added to your profile and verified. How to verify my phone number
Use Search page
- Enter the name of product that you want to buy
- Select product
- Select value
- Press "Buy for myself" if you want to send the product to your phone or email
- Press "Send to a friend" if you want to send the product to your friend's phone or email
- Type beneficiary mobile phone number or email
- Press "Checkout"
- Select CY.SEND balance as payment method during checkout
Note: if CY.SEND balance doesn't cover the total order charge, you can select an additional payment method to pay the difference.
- Press "Checkout"
- Complete your payment.
- After the successful purchase you will receive an email confirmation.