Why sometimes do I need to provide identification documents to cysend.com?

cysend.com offers mobile recharge and online payments to customers worldwide. For security reasons we are sometimes required to ask from our customers certain identification documents that will confirm the true and non-fraudulent nature of the payments.

How can I verify my ID?

- Sign in to your cysend.com account
- Open ID verification page
- Install CY.SEND HELP app on your smartphone, Android or iOS
- Launch the app, scan the QR code on the ID verification page
- Follow the instructions on the app

What do I need to prepare before I start ID verification?

Before you start verification, you will need a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet with Android or iOS, an operational camera, connection to internet. Prepare your government-issued ID document.
Types of accepted documents: ID card, international passport, or driver’s license.

How long does the verification take?

Through CY.SEND HELP app, verification will take less than a minute.

What documents are accepted for verification?

CY.SEND HELP app accepts authentic identity documents such as government-issued ID documents that are not expired. ID cards, passports, driving licenses, and other types of government issued documents with photo across 230+ countries and in 150+ languages.

Is my data safe?

CY.SEND does not store any of the documents and pictures taken using CY.SEND HELP app. For more information, please refer to Privacy Policy

My ID Verification was rejected

If you see ‘Verification failure’ after submitting your Identity Document and selfie for verification, it could be due to various reasons, some of them might be:
Picture of the uploaded ID document is not clear.
Ensure the uploaded photo displays a complete, readable, and color image of the document. Only a picture of the physical document is accepted. Screenshots or displays of a picture from another screen will be rejected.

Common reasons of ID verification failure:
- Unreadable information on the document.
- Light obstructing information.
- Blurry image.
- Full document not visible, i.e. hiding some piece of information.
- Wrong country of ID chosen during verification.
- The document is punched or expired.
- The ID document should be valid and not expired or canceled. Both punched and expired documents are rejected.
- The face is not visible.

The most common reason why face verification fails is because the selfie and image on the ID document do not match. It could be due to one of the following reasons:
- Either selfie or document image isn’t visible.
- A cropped, forged or photoshopped image is uploaded instead of a selfie.
- You are wearing glasses.
- The background is too bright, which fades your face.
- The selfie doesn’t match the identity document.
- If the uploaded selfie doesn’t match the image on the document, the ID document can’t be verified.

I don’t have access to a smartphone, can I still verify my ID?

CY.SEND HELP app is required to complete your Identity Document verification, please use an Android or iOS device. If you cannot get access to a smartphone, contact our support team.

I don’t have a laptop to scan the QR code, can I still verify my ID?

Yes, mobile users can easily verify their ID by following these steps:

- Sign in to your cysend.com account from mobile browser
- Open the ID verification page
-Install the CY.SEND HELP app for Android or iOS
-Go back to ID verification page, click the button ‘Start Verification’
-Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your ID

How to verify my bank card?

To verify your bank card follow the steps below:
- Login to your cysend.com account.
- Go to Bank Card verification page and follow the instructions on the page.
- Click here for detailed instructions.
- To verify a virtual bank card, make a screen-shot of the statement of account and the payment to CY.TALK SWITZERLAND. Hide all digits of your bank card except last four. Your name and last name, last four digits of your bank card, URL of the page must be visible on the screen-shot. As soon as we receive the document, we will authorize your transaction unless further checks are required.
- After the photo of the document has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our team. The confirmation of verification will be sent to the email indicated in cysend.com account.

I need help in verifying my home address

To verify your home address, follow the steps below
- Login to your cysend.com account
- Go to Address verification page and follow the instructions on the page
- Accepted documents for address verification: utility bills (for gas, water and sewage, fixed phone line, home internet and others) or address proof on government issued document or certificate
- The document date must be not older than 3 months and contain your name and last name as in your cysend.com account
- Enter your billing address in Latin characters. The billing address must match the country of your account registration. If you cannot find the address, contact us and send us the address that you would like to add.
- After your address is approved you will receive the email confirmation.

How to add billing address?

- To add your billing address visit the page
- In this page you will be asked to write your home address in Latin characters, and when ready click Save.

-If the address cannot be found in address bar, contact us and send us the address you would like to enter.
- After your address is approved you will receive the email confirmation.