Phone top up

How to successfully top up on

It is very simple to buy products on Follow the steps below:
- login to your account OR create an account on
- select country or territory, select category and product
- type a beneficiary account or mobile phone number
- press "Next"
- select a top up amount
- select a payment method
- press "Next"
- press "Buy now".

Why did my mobile top up fail?

There are a few factors that would make your mobile top up fail. Some of them are definitive: like the number or account you are trying to recharge is wrong, you selected a wrong mobile operator, destination number is not in accepted mobile operators list; and some are just network issues, for example, the destination number has exceeded its daily recharge limit, etc.

I topped up a wrong number/account, can the top up be cancelled?

No. Sending a mobile top up is a one way operation, once it is executed the mobile operator or service supplier will not reverse it. Check and re-check the mobile number or account before sending the top up. Providing a correct mobile number or beneficiary account is the customer’s responsibility.

Is there a fee for top up?

Yes, you incur service fees that depend on the product you buy, the exchange rate and the payment method you use.

I did not receive the top up

There are a few factors why your top up is not received. Some of them can be definitive: the mobile number was typed incorrectly and it was sent successfully to another mobile.
If the top up is successful and the mobile is correct, but the amount still has not come to your mobile account, contact us to investigate the issue.

Can I top up fixed mobiles from

Yes. You can reload fixed phones in many countries.

Can I buy mobile bundles?

Yes. You can buy bundles proposed by mobile operators, for example, SMS+Gb+Minutes or many other combinations. Just select the country and mobile operator that you want to top up.

How fast is the mobile phone top up from abroad?

Recharging a mobile phone is very fast and the result is immediate.

What is the minimum and maximum top up value?

The minimum and maximum top up values are different depending on the mobile operator and are set by the mobile operators; check our partner mobile operators for more information.

I have recharged my family's mobile phone, how can I make sure that they received the airtime?

During the top up process we ask you for your own mobile number and email. If the top up succeeds or fails you will receive a confirmation email.

Can I top up a mobile phone if it is powered off?

Sure, you can. The top up will be delivered when the phone is turned back on. This is also valid in case if the mobile phone is out of reach.

Is CY.SEND top up service compatible with all mobile phones or models?

Yes, our service should work on all brands and models of mobile phones.

Why should I send airtime to my family's mobile phone?

Just to make them a small gift. The amount is not important; important is that you care about your family. Very often mobile airtime is the best way to send a small aid to your family.

Can I top up an iPhone?

Yes, you can send credits to iPhone or Android, or to any other smartphone with a prepaid SIM-card.

Can I top up my Skype account?

Yes. Skype accounts top up is available for some countries. For example, you can recharge Skype in the USA.

Will my family receive a PIN code or you will directly credit their mobile?

Depending on the mobile operator you can directly top up their mobile phone or send them a PIN code.

I recharged a mobile phone from but I have not received an SMS confirming it. How can I make sure that the top up was made?

Make sure that you are using a mobile phone, not a landline phone, as well as that your mobile phone number was written in the international format: +country code-operator code-number. Make sure that your mobile phone is switched on. To check the status of your Order online, click here.

How many times can I top up the same mobile phone number?

As many as you want. As soon as the top up is validated the mobile of the other party is credited. Sometimes mobile operators put limits to the number of daily recharges a mobile number can receive. Contact them directly for more details.

How can I buy a mobile top up from Brazil? accepts payments for mobile airtime from customers in Brazil. You can use either the Boleto Bancario, Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Itau. Check our payment methods accepted for top ups for more information.

I send a top up to my family's mobile in Senegal. Can the money I sent be used to top up another mobile of the same mobile operator?

Yes, the receiving party can send this money again. But sometimes the operator charges a fee for a new transfer.

I fail to top up my family's mobile though I am sure the number I enter is correct.

If your family uses a postpaid tariff (payment at the end of the month) it's impossible to top up this mobile phone. With our service you top up only mobiles with prepaid tariff.

Can I top up mobile phone from my Android smartphone or tablet?

Yes. Download CY.SEND mobile top up application for free on Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, Amazon Appstore.

How can I pay for mobile airtime with my CY.SEND Reward Card?

You can instantly top up prepaid mobile phones using your CY.SEND Reward Card from
Follow the steps below:
- login to your account OR create an account on
- press "Redeem my CY.SEND Reward Card"
- select CY.SEND Reward Card
- enter your 16-digit CY.SEND Reward Card number
- press "Apply to your balance"
The entire CY.SEND Reward Card amount will be added to your balance. You can then use your CY.SEND balance during the checkout.

How to purchase one of 25'042 products on using your CY.SEND Balance.

Follow the steps below:
- login to your account on Your CY.SEND balance is displayed in the top right corner of the page.
- select country or territory to top up
- select category and product
- type a beneficiary account or mobile phone number
- press "Next"
- select a top up amount
- select the CY.SEND balance as payment method during checkout
Note: if CY.SEND balance doesn't cover the total order charge, you can select an additional payment method to pay the difference.
- press "Next"
- press "Buy now".

Can I transfer the mobile balance from one phone to another?

Yes, there is a simple utility for your Android smartphone which you can use to monitor mobile phones balances and transfer balance from one phone to another. Download from Play Market.