How can I pay for a product?

We support 305 payment methods from the whole world. We accept many different payment types: E-wallets, direct bank transfers, prepaid cards, credit cards, and gift cards, etc. Check the accepted payments list for your country.

Why did my payment fail?

There can be a few reasons why your payment failed: there is not enough money on your payment method, or if your payment method does not correspond to card usage conditions.
Payments with credit cards:
Here are some reasons why your payment with card may fail:
- Your card is not activated: Make sure your card is activated for online purchases. Card activation takes several minutes. Contact your bank to have your card activated.
- Your internet payment limit is lower than your order amount. To increase the limit, contact your bank.
- Your card balance is insufficient. Make sure you have enough funds on your card to pay for your order.
- Your credit card does not have the 3D Secure activated.
Click here for Verified by Visa.
Click here for MasterCard SecureCode.
Payments with e-wallet:
- Your e-wallet balance is insufficient: Make sure you have enough funds on in your e-wallet to pay for your order.
- Your e-wallet is inactive: Make sure you have activated the e-wallet. Your e-wallet provider has more information.
- Your e-wallet credentials are wrong: Make sure you enter correct credentials and verification codes, if any.
- You reached your payment limit. To increase your limit, contact your e-wallet provider.
- Your e-wallet provider blocks payments on websites from other countries: Your e-wallet provider has more information.

Why is my bank payment still processing?

It might take up to 3 business days for the wire to be received by our bank.
Once the money is received, your order will be processed and you will receive an email notification about it.
To check the status of your Order click here or go to menu Top ups in your Profile.

Which cards does accept for payments? accepts the following cards: Visa (verified by Visa), MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode), and Maestro.

What is 3D secure?

3D Secure is an anti-fraud system that your card issuing bank activates upon your request to secure all your online top ups. You will have to choose a password, and this password will be necessary for each online top up. If your card is not 3D secure enabled, you should contact your card issuing bank.

How to activate 3D Secure?

You should contact your card issuing bank and ask them to enable it. Alternatively you can activate 3D Secure by signing up to Verified by Visa or registering your bank for MasterCard SecureCode.
Click here for Verified by Visa.
Click here for MasterCard SecureCode.

What is the difference between card CVV and 3D Secure code?

CVV (or CVC) code is a three digit code printed on the back of your card. 3D Secure code is a code that you chose or that is provided by your card issuing bank adding a supplementary level of security for your online top ups.

Can you refund/cancel my payment?

Depending on the payment method you used, it might take from fifteen days up to thirty days. For certain payment methods the refund cannot be done (for example, gift cards, prepaid cards, etc.)
Note that once a mobile top up is executed, it cannot be refunded.

Where can I find the payment receipt?

To find your payment receipt, follow the steps below:
- login to your account on
- select menu "Order history"
- select the top up
Click "Print invoice" to print out the invoice.

I want to top up a mobile phone but I see the message “You have reached your limit”.

If you see the message “You have reached your limit”, retry to top up later (for example, next day or in several days) or you can contact us.

How can I use another card?

You may purchase any of 38'832 products on using several cards.

What currencies are accepted for payments? supports 150 different currencies for payments. There can be currency conversion. Your payment method may convert the amount of top up from your local currency into the order currency at a foreign exchange rate.

Where can I track the status of my order?

You can track the status of your order from your profile. Follow the steps below:
- login to your account on
- select menu "Order history"
- click on the top up.
Alternatively, you can search your order here.

How to pay from Switzerland, Germany and Austria using Online Bank transfer

You can use your online bank account if you reside in Austria, Switzerland or Germany to checkout on Follow these steps:
- sign in to your account on
- Use Search page
- Enter the name of product that you want to buy
- Select product
- Select value
- Press "Buy for myself" if you want to send the product to your phone or email
- Press "Send to a friend" if you want to send the product to your friend's phone or email
- Type beneficiary mobile phone number or email
- Press "Checkout"
- Choose online bank transfer Switzerland or Germany or Austria as payment method
- You will be redirected to the page
- Fill in the fields: Country and Bank name, bank code or IBAN
- Press next
- After the successful purchase you will receive an email confirmation.