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Frequently Asked Questions about mobile phone number recharge

Answers to common mobile recharge questions

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How can I recharge a mobile mobile?

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Enter the mobile number you wish to recharge, select the amount you want to top up, give your mobile number and your email to receive confirmation that recharge was successful. A simple way to directly send money to mobile phones. We do not send any code by SMS. The recharge is immediate, no code to send by SMS and no useless hassles. Check often the country coverage as it increases regularly. With Cysend.com you can recharge online prepaid mobile phone in 122 countries and to 361 mobile operators.


How can I use Cysend.com?

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It is really easy. You need to have one of accepted payment methods and to be sure that the number you want to recharge is a prepaid mobile number and is in the accepted mobile operators list. Once we have recharged the other party’s mobile, you will receive email and SMS confirmations.


What is the difference between Cysend.com and the other online recharge services?

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The recharge is immediate, no code to send by SMS and no useless hassles. Check often the country coverage as it increases regularly. With Cysend.com you can recharge online prepaid mobile phones in 122 countries and to 361 mobile operators.


What is the minimum and maximum recharge value?

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The minimum and maximum recharge values are different by mobile operator and set by the mobile operators; see the partner mobile operators for more information.


How fast is the mobile phone recharge from abroad?

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Recharging a mobile is very fast and the result is immediate.


Common reasons for recharge to fail.

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There are a few factors that would make a recharge fail. Some of them are definitive; like the number you are trying to recharge is wrong, destination number is not in our accepted mobile operators list or it is not a prepaid contract, and some are just network issues, for example, the destination number has exceeded its daily recharge limit,...


Why should I recharge my family's mobile phone?

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Just to make them a small gift. The amount is not important; important is that you care about them. Very often credit recharge is the best way to send a small aid to your family.


Which currencies do you accept for payments and for mobile recharge?

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We accept many different currencies types, see the accepted currencies. The recharges are done in the mobile operator currency; see the mobile operator currency table.


How can I pay for the mobile recharge?

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We accept many different payment types, see the accepted payment types.


Why is it better to register?

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First, to benefit from our limited time offers. Once you are registered you will have a phone book in which you can save all the numbers you recharge, making the top up process faster, no need to remember all the mobile numbers of everyone! Just select them from your phone numbers list! Recharging is faster and you say bye to typos in mobile numbers!
You will have access to your recharge history and a statistics page to monitor your expenses.


I recharged a mobile phone from cysend.com but I have not received an SMS confirming it. How can I make sure that the recharge was made?

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Make sure that you are using a mobile phone, not a landline phone, as well as that your mobile phone number was written in the international format: +country code-operator code-number. Make sure that your mobile phone is switched on. If you still do not receive the SMS confirmation, do not hesitate to contact us.


How can I contact you to report a problem or to give suggestions?

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If you can’t find the answer you are looking for in our FAQ, you can contact us using the contact form on ask for help page. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. To make a suggestion use the feedback page.


Will my family receive a validation code or you will directly recharge their mobile?

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We do not send any codes to your family, but directly recharge their mobile phone. As soon as they receive a confirmation SMS from us they can check their credit and make sure that the phone was refilled.


I have recharged my family's mobile phone, how can I make sure that they have received the money?

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During the recharge process we ask you for your own mobile number as well as your email address. If the transaction succeeds or fails you will receive a confirmation SMS as well as an email.


Where can I purchase Ukash top up cards?

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Ukash is an international prepaid payment provider. You can use your Ukash top up card to recharge mobile phones. Ukash is available almost everywhere; go to www.ukash.com to see where you can purchase top up cards.


I am Chinese and I live in France; can you explain me why recharge is sold more expensive in France than in my country?

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We also have costs to deliver the recharge. Our service is to offer you the possibility to recharge mobiles phone in China from any country using our website.


How many times can I recharge the same mobile phone number?

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As many as you want. As soon as the transaction is validated the mobile of the other party is credited. Sometimes mobile operators put limits to the number of daily recharges a mobile number can receive.


I send a recharge to my family's mobile in Senegal. Can the money I sent be used to recharge another mobile of the same mobile operator?

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Yes, the receiving party can send this money again. But sometimes the operator charges a fee for a new transfer.


I recharge the same mobile number often, but why sometimes I have to retry it a few times?

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It happens that the mobile phone is out of the zone covered by the operator or the server is under maintenance so the recharge does not succeed.


I have received the SMS recharge confirmation. But what are the guarantees that my family's mobile phone has been recharged?

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When you receive the SMS it means that the mobile operator sent us the code confirming that your family's mobile had been recharged.


I fail to recharge my family's mobile though I am sure the number I enter is correct.

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If your family uses a post-paid tariff (payment at the end of the month) it's impossible to recharge this mobile phone. With our service you recharge only mobiles with pre-paid tariff.


How to be kept up-to-date about mobile recharge deals, time limited offers and new products?

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Sign up using your email or your mobile phone number. You will regularly receive our new offers and always be among the first informed. You will also enjoy many features that will speed up and ease your future recharges. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or StumbleUpon and receive promotional offers to your favorite social network!


In which countries and with which mobile operators can I recharge mobile phones?

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We currently are present in 122 countries and can recharge mobile phones in 361 mobile operators. Please, check mobile operators coverage map or the Mobile operators list.


I have a 10.00 €uros Ukash Top up card and I just used for a 9.00 €uros recharge. What can I do with the remaining €uros?

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At your first recharge, we automatically create you a CY.SEND® account. You can credit your CY.SEND® account with any payment methods accepted by us. Payments from your CY.SEND® account are faster and more simple.


How do I recharge the mobile phone of my family abroad?

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Go to the online mobile recharge interface and follow the recharge instructions, it is very easy and fast.


I lost my password, what to do?

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Click on “forgot password?” on the login page, we will send you your new password by SMS.


How can I see the history of my recharges?

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Sign in to your cysend.com account and go to Recharge history. Cysend.com keeps only the history of the recharges you send, but not amount received on the mobile phone you recharge. For example, if during the promotion you send 20 CUC and the beneficiary receives 40 CUC, you still will see only the amount that you send: 20 CUC.


Is there a fee for the mobile recharge?

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Yes and no, the fee varies depending on the payment provider you are using.


Can I top up an iPhone?

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Yes, you can send credits to iPhone or Android, or to any other smartphone.


How will I know if the mobile phone I topped up was really credited?

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After you finished topping up you and the party you are topping up will receive an SMS and email confirming the transaction. The party you are topping up can now check the credit of his phone and see it was effectively credited.


Are there any discounts or promotions?

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Yes, we regularly have deals and time limited promotions. A registered user will always be the first to know about them. Register now, if you haven’t done so yet. Visit our top up offers and deals page, as it is often updated.


How long does it take for the mobile phone to be credited via cysend.com?

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The top up is immediate; we send on the sport your order to the mobile operator which will credit the recipient’s mobile phone.


Is your top up service compatible with all mobile phones or models?

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Yes, our service should work on all brands and models of mobile phones.


Can I top up a mobile phone if it is powered off?

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Sure, you can. The top up will be delivered when the phone is turned back on. This is also valid in case if the mobile phone is out of reach.


Do I have to be registered in order to make a mobile top up?

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No, anyone can top up as long as the party you want to top has a prepaid mobile number and that it is part of our partner mobile operators. Registering has many advantages such as to be the first to know about the time limited offers, you will have a phone book to save all the contacts you top up, top up history, top up statistics and a lot more. I will register now, to top up faster!


For how long is my account valid?

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Your account is valid 180 (one hundred and eighty) days since the last top up whether received or sent. After this delay your order history, stats and phone book will be lost forever.


Can I top up my Skype account?

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Our top up service is not compatible with Skype, it is destined to mobile operators.


Is it possible to top up a Cubacel prepaid mobile when the SIM card is outside of Cuba (roaming)?

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Will a Cubacel prepaid card receive the top up when the phone is off or out of network?

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Can a Cubacel prepaid SIM card benefit form promotions when it is out of Cuba (roaming), phone is off or out of coverage?

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Do the Cubacel promotions extend the life of the prepaid SIM card the way a normal top up does?

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How do I validate my mobile number on cysend.com?

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When registering on cysend.com you must provide a true and valid mobile phone number and email. Both of them will be verified and validated.


I did not receive my SMS code to verify my mobile phone number, how can I verify it?

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Check your mobile number and make sure you have typed it following the international format (+country code-area code-number).


Why do I see a message telling me I am blacklisted when connecting to cysend.com?

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The security and fraud prevention measures that are effective on cysend.com automatically block suspicious or repetitive actions. These blocks will be lifted automatically after a certain period of time.
We advise you against using disposable or temporary emails and phones numbers, online SMS numbers because in this case your account will be permanently blocked which means you will loose your account history and balance if any.


Is there a way to unblacklist me faster?

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Unfortunately no. All is done automatically by the system.


How to successfully top up on cysend.com?

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It is very simple to recharge mobile phones overseas. If you are not a registered user, please register on this page.
If you are registered, log in your account first.
- Enter the mobile number you want to top up. Make sure you are entering the number in the international format (+country code-area code-number)
- Select the amount of money you want to send. If promotions are active for this country they will be displayed on this page.
- Select a payment method
- Click Pay.


I want to send top up to Cuba, can you tell me how to write the Cubacel number in international format?

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Cubacel has a 10 digits closed numbering plan, which means that a Cuban number including area code is always 10 digits.
A Cubacel number would look like that: +53 52 XX XX XX or +53 53 XX XX XX
53 is the country code for Cuba, followed by 52 or 53 are the area codes for Cubacel followed by 6 digits for the phone number you want to top up in Cuba.


Why do I need to give my mobile phone number?

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When registering on cysend.com you must provide a true and valid mobile phone number and email. Both of them will be verified and validated.


Can I use credit sent from cysend.com to send SMS messages?

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Yes. You can pay any services provided by your telecoms operator.


Can I pay with my credit card on cysend.com for mobile top up?

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Yes, you can use your credit card to top up mobile phones. For security reasons you must have 3D Secure enabled for your credit card. If your credit card is not 3D secure enabled, you should contact your credit card issuing bank. Credit cards that are not 3D Secure enabled will have to be verified before purchasing mobile top up. See more information here.


Which credit cards does cysend.com support to purchase mobile top ups?

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Visa, debit Visa (verified by Visa) and MasterCard, debit MasterCard (MasterCard Securecode). However we do not accept prepaid Visa card for top up payments.


What is 3D secure?

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It is an anti-fraud system that your credit card issuing bank activates upon your request to secure all your online transactions. You will have to choose a password, and this password will be necessary for each online transaction. If your credit card is not 3D secure enabled, you should contact your credit card issuing bank.


Why do I need to have a 3D Secure card to pay on cysend.com?

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For your safety and ours, the 3D secure add an extra anti-fraud layer.


How to activate 3D Secure?

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You should contact your credit card issuing bank and ask them to enable it. Alternatively you can activate 3D Secure by signing up to Verified by Visa or registering your credit card for MasterCard SecureCode.


How often I can use my credit card to purchase mobile top?

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For security reasons, you can purchase three top ups per day.


Can I fund my CY.SEND® account using my credit card for a later recharge?

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Yes, you can. For security reasons the amount is limited and only once a month.


I want to use another credit card to top up mobile phones from cysend.com, can I delete my current credit card from my cysend.com account?

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Yes, you can.


Why sometimes I need to provide identification documents to cysend.com?

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cysend.com is a mobile top up service. For security reasons we are sometimes required to ask from our customers certain identification documents that will confirm the true and non-fraudulent nature of the mobile top ups.


What is the difference between credit card CVV and 3D Secure code?

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CVV (or CVC) code is a three digit code printed on the back of your credit card.
3D Secure code is a code that you chose or that is provided by your credit card issuing bank adding a supplementary level of security for your online transactions.


I topped up a mobile phone during top up promotion, but the bonus was not received.

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All top up promotions and bonuses are managed only by the local mobile operator. cysend.com only advertises information received from local mobile operator.


I topped up a wrong mobile phone number, can the top up be cancelled?

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No. Sending a top up is a one way operation, once it is executed the mobile operator will not reverse it. Check and check again the mobile number before sending the recharge, providing a correct mobile number is the user’s responsibility.


How to contact Cubacel in Cuba?

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You can call Cubacel call center for any questions related to your top up in Cuba 24h/7 at: 52642266.


How long does it take to process a refund for unused credit?

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Depending on the payment method you used, it might take from fifteen days up to thirty days.
Note that once a top up is executed, it cannot be refunded.


Why can't I recharge a mobile phone from the country where I am living?

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cysend.com is an international recharge service, to abide to local regulations, you can recharge mobile phone only from different than the one you registered from. For example, if you registered in Switzerland, you cannot recharge Swiss mobile phones.


Why can’t I fund my CY.SEND® account using my credit card or PayPal?

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Those options are made available to our verified clients in certain countries only. To become a verified user, please read here. Instead you can recharge mobile phone directly with your credit card of PayPal account.


How can I buy a mobile recharge from Brazil?

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Cysend.com accepts payments for mobile recharges from its customers in Brazil. You can use either the Boleto Bancario, Banco do Brasil, Bradesco or Transferencia Bancaria. Check our payment methods accepted for recharges for more information.


How to recharge a mobile phone using CY.SEND® top up card?

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You can use a CY.SEND® top up card to pay for a recharge of prepaid mobile phone numbers. Follow the steps below:
• if you are already a member login to your cysend.com account, or create a new account
• enter mobile phone number you want to recharge following the international phone number format: +country code-area code-number
• press Validate
• choose your payment method: Recharge with CY.SEND® top up card
• enter CY.SEND® top up card number
• press Redeem top up card
• select a recharge value. When you are selecting the amount of the recharge the total cost for the recharge will be shown, including the transfer fees. Please, select a value that will fit your top up card. The remaining amount will be credited to your CY.SEND® account where you can use it for other recharges.
• press Recharge


What is CY.SEND® mobile top up card?

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CY.SEND® mobile top up card can recharge phone numbers in more than 100 countries & more than 300 operators. CY.SEND® mobile top up cards are available in physical or digital form. CY.SEND® mobile top up cards come in different face values depending on the currency.


How to use my CY.SEND® mobile top up card?

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Download CY.SEND® top up cards application for Android. Three easy steps to top up a mobile:
1. Type your top up card number
2. Type mobile number to top up
3. Select top up value & send it
Top up is credited immediately on receiver's mobile phone.


Where can I buy CY.SEND® mobile top up card?

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CY.SEND® mobile top up cards can be purchased in authorized locations all over the world. Contact us for more information.